the symbiotic development of the technology and the art

This is the term we give when the technological development, and particularly software development, is part of the creative research process. We identify desirable functionality that the software lacks through the choreographic and theatrical creative process, that is the structured play within the performance laboratory. This new potential functionality is noted and later (hopefully before the next lab session) added to the software. This new added functionality then provides further creative options to explore in the next performance laboratory session, which in turn suggests new software developments. In this way the individual elements: performer, cyber-dancer, and software grow and develop as a symbiotic whole. Skills and choreographic ideas are discovered by the performer and cyber-dancer and new functionality is given to the software. Just as a performer during the rehearsal and composition of a piece, may be required to learn new skills, so too is the software in symbiosis with Brian, the cyber-dancer, required to learn new skills and acquire new functionality.

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