The Performance Laboratory

The elements of conventional performances (dance, drama, sound, scenography, lighting etc) are generally created separately only to be combined in the final stages of production in technical and dress rehearsals. The novel nature of our RAVEs and the multiplicity of ways that the various constituent elements (physical choreography, virtual choreography, sound etc) can impact on each other made us eschew the conventional approach (used in NT_001454). Instead we create in an environment called the performance laboratory, where all the essential elements of the final performance are present. This integrated approach allows us to find oblique relationships between the individual elements. However. the process of the performance laboratory demands that the technology be flexible enough to keep pace with the human creative elements such as the performers. This issue was addressed in 'A Duet of Cyborg and Dancer: Creative Autogenesis'

In The Performance Laboratory the performers perform in the basic stage setup with the projection controlled by the cyber-dancer. Together the onstage performers and the cyber-dancer create an intricate duet of the physical choreography of the onstage performers and the virtual choreography of the virtual camera in the computer model. More generally we say the onstage performers are co-creating with the cyborg (the combination of the technology and the cyber-dancer)

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The performance laboratory

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