in Collaborative Arts, University of Chichester, 2003-2005

In early 2003 after reviewing the second performance of Rivan Stuart decided to undertake an MA, in collaboration with Curson in Collaborative Arts at University of Chichester, UK (formerly University College Chichester, UCC) under the mentorship of Dr. Sarah Rubidge.

We started researching ways that we could combine the physical and virtual movement more seamlessly. We saw that our previous creation process (particularly of NT_001454), was creating a separation between the animation the virtual and the live choreography as the two were created separately then later reassembled with a performer in front of the projected rendered video. This dislocation in the creative process created a dislocation in the product (see process vs production). In order to enhance the union of the digital visual with the live performers, we used the software package: Director's ability to manipulate Shockwave models with some proprietary software, and created the Video Overlay System.

The MA research lasted two years and broke down into 3 projects: PreFlux.,Flux and Rhizomes.

This MA dissertation was written in 2005. Ours and others work in this field has significantly progressed since then, but the research allowed us to develop ideas and concepts about our work that has greatly informed our current direction.

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