Brian Curson
digital art and technical history

alKamie All of alKamie's performances, workshops, lecture demonstrations and installations: lighting design, digtal scenery modelling and software and hardware redesign and operation, plus technical set-up in theatre
Ground Effect ‘Vis-à-Vis’ The Place Theatre (00) lighting design; ‘What Was’ Nottingham (99) lighting design
Bouge-de-la ‘Time Flying’ (Bouge-De-La's complete spring 98 tour) design, technician & operator
Buhl & Curson ‘Breath’ (98) design & technician; ‘The Beaver’s Dream’ Die Kulture Werkstatt (98) design & technician
Twitch & Jerk ‘Dummy’ Chisenhale Dance Space (97) , ‘Being and Nothingness’ The Spitz (96), design, technician & operator
SpiralArts ‘The Odyssey’ The Steiner Theatre (97), design & technician
Thame Youth Theatre ‘The Dream’ Thame College (97), design, technician & operator

dj and sound technician

Barefoot Boogie (92-97), Expressions (98-99), Awunda (99-01)

computer art and design & related experience

Application skills

Main Applications used: 3D Modelling: 3DStudio Max, Bryce, Poser, Truespace; Video: AfterFX, Premier; 2D bitmap: Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro; Multimedia: Director; Web: Dreamweaver; Design: Illustrator, Freehand

Digital Artwork and Design

alKamie & self: all publicity and production material and artwork, computer systems support; NT_001454: artwork and video backdrop for dance piece; Siglinde Buhl: Artwork for exhibitions: Immenstadt (99), Immenstadt (98), Berlin (98), Artwork for children’s book ‘The Beaver’s Dream’ (99), Forst Buhl: Commercial Logo (98); Computer systems consultant (92-96) Computer systems manager (87-92)

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