The cyber-dancer creates within the plex virtual choreographic objects, (VcObjects), of a limited number of types (table 1). Each of these VcObjects appears as a window within the plex, with a name that declares it to the cyber-dancer, and can exist enabled or disabled (figure 1). Each VcObject has various input triggers depending on its type (PLAY, STOP, STEP, HIDE, ENABLE etc) and some VcObjects have output triggers (e.g. BUTTON UP, BUTTON DOWN of the VcChooser object). Inputs may be triggered directly by the cyber-dancer through a mouse click, or indirectly by connecting to a joystick object, or by connecting it to an output of another VcObject in the Plex. This is the first way that VcObjects can be connected.

figure 1 - screenshot of some of some of the VcObject types

The range of types of VcObjects evolved to be capable of describing the movement of the virtual camera within the model to fine detail. It includes object types that contain or reference other objects such as VcFindPlace, which moves the camera over a specified period of time to a given, or referenced VcPlace. This referencing or containment is a second method of interconnection within the plex. The VcObjects are designed to be as interconnectable as possible. (e.g. VcTimelines can contain any VcObject including other VcTimelines).

Idea Type Description
VcPlace Moves the camera, the Cyborg's body to a specific position and rotation.
VcMove Applies a single vector move to the position and rotation of the camera. A single animation step.
VcFindPlace Moves the camera to a given VcPlace over a given period of time.
VcSusMove Repeats a given VcMove continuously or for a given period of time.
VcTimeline A timeline containing other VcObjects possibly including other VcTimeLines.
VcPallette Organises a collection of VcObjects, containing 26 named entries. The VcPallette has the option of allowing only one, any number or only one palette entry throughout the system to be played simultaneously.
VcProgrammer Steps through a list of VcObjects.
VcChooser Possessing up to 10 buttons each of which can be linked to any input of any VcObject. The chooser has a number of modes of operation, only one button down, any number of buttons down, step through and randomly select.

types of VcObject

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