alKamie Showreels and Interviews

Event Horizon - Intro section Event Horizon - Fashion Show (Short) Event Horizon - Fashion Show (Full) Event Horizon - Cabaret (Singing) Event Horizon - Theatre Event Horizon - Dance Event Horizon - Final Cabaret Number Green, choreographed by Kirill Burlov, scenography by alKamie (No) Living Room, by alKamie, premiered Ed Fringe 2010 Rhizomes by alKamie, final presentation of research masters at University of Chichester Preflux & Flux projects and short works during research Riven by alKamie, 2001-2002 Virtual/Real Interface Project, research at Chisenhale Dance Space 2001 NT_001454 by alKamie, premiered 2001 Brian & Robyn introduce alKamie Robyn talks about alKamies creative process Robyn and Brian talk about the basic stage setup Brian introduces a:Live Robyn and Brian talk about alKamies workshop programme

alKamie are members of Chisenhale Dance Space.
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