hypertext dissertation - by Robyn Stuart

Hypertext Construction and its Complexity


1. Hypertext structure can give much more than words on paper in the rather dry black and white way most adult texts are published. ‘Reading’ can become a ‘visual lived experience’ like a computer game, as the reader-viewer is responsible for the path they weave through the given text (Landow, 1997). Yet the structure of the Hypertext can be cleverly designed to heighten the message within the text (Bernstein, 2003, 1999 & 1998 (requires internet connection)). For examples, Quote 40, Quote 41, Quote 42, Quote 43, Quote 44, Quote 45, Quote 54, Quote 55,) Curson and I intended that Rhizomes like hypertext would use the Vc to heighten, even alter or define the message of the Pc…. Hypertext can become an intricate interweaving of a variety of links and relationships between ‘windows’ of writing /imagery /sound... and so we hoped Rhizomes would also interweave imagery, movement of both Pc and VC, music and 'narrative' allowing the cutting back and forth between 'texts' or scenes. As for hypertext fiction (see Eastgate Systems, 2002a & 2002b, and Eastgate Reading Room from : ) we intended that a 'narrative' would be created from the journey itself and from the manner in which the links are designed.

2. Deleuze and Guattari's Rhizomic structures have been variously used as analogies to hypertext and the web ('Writing with Images' 2005 Quote, Moulthrop, 1994).

3. Hypertexts, as described by Bernstein (1999 & 1998 (requires internet access)), are complex systems. It appears to me that hypertext as a format, is rapidly escalating in variations of structure into ‘the adjacent possible’ as fast as possible, just as Kaufmann (2000) suggests appears to be happening for so many other human related complex systems.

4. Variations in structure whether for hypertext or Art or Rhizomes or... anything in this world appear to come about through mutation and recombination.


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