hypertext dissertation - by Robyn Stuart

Thinking in Networks

Klein (2004, Quote 22) suggests that knowledge was once thought of as a foundation or of linear structure, but is now thought of as 'a network or a web with multiple nodes of connection, and a dynamic system.' Complexity, Hypertext and Deleuze and Guatari's (1987) 'rhizomes and assemblages' all pertain to nonlinear systems. These late 20th century concepts reflect the increasingly accepted notion that we actually think and create nonlinearly (Lucas, 2005a, 2004e, 1997c), in a world which abounds nonlinear connections (Lucas, 1999d). We think in time; we experience time linearly; we believe we think linearly (Kolb, 1994). But is this so? According to (Claxton, 1998) the unconscious mind or rather as he defines it the undermind can process our perceptions of our environment in a manner beyond our consciousness, very rapidly, subliminally, and continuously, on several levels simultaneously. The undermind could be said to be working in parallel with our conscious mind or even in a complex web of connections between conscious and undermind.

Bernstein (2005 Quote 59) and Kolb (1994) argue that writing narrative, can contain a network of nonlinearly connected ideas. So perhaps instead of accepting that we should sweat over creating linearity where perhaps none existed, we can exhibit the connections in our communications (and art), highlight them, and use them to describe the meaning / relationship / type of transitions between events, and even allow philosophical argument to immerse itself in nonlinearity (Kolb, 1994). There is much more to thinking and communication than linear text and language. Hypertext and Rhizomic web like structures may help portray this knowledge of the body or undermind. 'This' Curson and I attempted to do in Rhizomes III, and within this dissertation.


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