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Appendix IV: Rhizomes II Experiments

The idea is to generate a range of different random options, increasing the complexity slowly of commands. And to 'learn' from each successive experiment so it feedbacks into the next experiment. Patterns which emerged that I resonated with, I remember and allow them to emerge if the option arises in following experiments.
Layering complexity by allowing bits of a scene to be overlaid on other scenes and more complex intercutting, and commands which increasingly give more choice to me, but still with some restrictions. Each Experiment became networks of nested complexity (see Complexity Theory & Living Systems)

I resonated with experiments or particular transitions or intercutting of scenes if I felt an 'Intensity' of experience. Also I believe I resonated when I felt a vision of mine concerning 'the products potential capability' actually emerging, for example, when a Rhizomes II experiment incorporated film-like editing of parallel cuts(e.g. cutting between Rachel's GSVI and Jemma's Avatara).

Experiment 1... Rhizomes II.1
Experiment 2,,, Rhizomes II.2
Experiment 3... Rhizomes II.3
Experiment 4... Rhizomes II.4
Experiment 5b... Rhizomes II.5b
Experiment 6... Rhizomes II.6
Experiment 7&9 hugely adjusted ... Rhizomes II.7&9
Experiment 8b... Rhizomes II.8b
Experiment 9... Rhizomes II.9

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