hypertext dissertation - by Robyn Stuart


It is interesting to note that there is a considerable difference in the manner in which scientists use the term 'performance', compared to an artist’s interpretation. For example, see McKenzie (1994) Quote 38.

The concise Oxford Dictionary defines ‘performance’ in a variety of ways. English words having a variety of definitions is of course not unusual (e.g. Science, Art, work), but it is fascinating to see how a word gains a variety of definitions over its use through time as cultures evolve.’ Words’ belong to the complex system of language, have their own fuzzy logic, and like other complex systems: ‘thoughts,’ ‘art,’ ‘hypertext’, ‘science’, ‘ecosystems’… evolve into the ‘adjacent possible’ and are linked or nested into a bigger complex system. Changes or diversification to the meanings of 'words’ will reflect back upon the bigger complex systems of society. For example, The Mead Project has specifically been set up to disseminate the work of Sociologist George Mead, but in a manner which takes account of the historical culture and academic context within which he worked, and acknowledging the changed meaning of words between his time and 'now'. Without this context, interpretation of what an author might have meant could lead to significant misconstruction and unsupported action. That scientists and artists use the word ‘performance’ in such different manners, gives credence to the current estrangement between the science and arts in our culture.

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