hypertext dissertation - by Robyn Stuart


First and foremost I would like to acknowledge my Dancers, who have generously contributed free time, energy, and much creative input. Much of the movement material has been derived from their solutions to the problems Brian Curson and I have put to them.

The dancers are:
Jemma Sawyer,
Rachel Elliot
Stephanie Doig.


My tutor Sarah Rubidge has also been most generous in providing me with inspirational insights, copious reference information to trek through, emotional support, and above all helping me define a path that is, as much as anything can be, mine (and Brian Curson's).

Cheryl Shepherd also generously helped as Dance Department technician.

I thank The University College Chichester and specifically Valerie Briginshaw for allowing Brian Curson and I to commandeer the main dance studio (us, dancers and a van load of equipment) during term holidays while conducting the practical research.

I thank our friends for putting up with our extreme narrow focus and generally speaking, only virtual presence while conducting this MA research and writing.

Finally I would like to acknowledge Brian Curson, who is much much more than a generous supporting partner. He is responsible for most of our software and digital design. He has also made many of the artistic decisions for the virtual choreography, and has provided outside direction for the physical choreography. The concept of Rhizomes has been half his, as is the concept of combining virtual and physical movement. In general it is impossible to separate out our ideas as coming from either one of us.

However, I will make it clear that while this DVDRom hypertext has been formatted and in part designed by Brian Curson, the academic reading, writing, and inspirations are as much 'mine' as is possible.

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