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In Rhizomes our intention was to explore the greater structure of performance pieces through regarding this structure as hypertextual, in this it developed the research of Flux. We also aimed to create a Deleuzian Time-Image on stage. Even though the final presentation of Rhizomes was sequential, in that it always ran scenes in the same order, the use of hypertextual ideas in the research informed both our notion of narrative and the development of the technology. During Rhizomes the added ability of Spider to overlay one model scene on another allowed sophisticated transition between scenes. Through these overlaid transitions powerful narratives could be accomplished. For example, the ability to enter a scene through a portal from another or for one scene to drop away to reveal another bigger scene (see figure) immediately creates a strong relationship between the two scenes.

We Continued our technological with performance-work co-development strategy during Rhizomes and from VoS developed Spider. Spider was inspired by Curson's critical analysis of VoS through the research in Flux, ('Towards An Understanding of 3D Virtual Environment Software Development and the Choreographic Process' - B Curson 2004). During Rhizomes Spider grew to embrace much more sophisticated ontological practices than VoS.

Rhizomes culminated with a performance on 1st June 2005 at University College Chichester , which was subsequently performed at a lecture demonstration at the Wimbledon School of Art and in Teddington, at an informal showing.


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