hypertext dissertation - by Robyn Stuart

QUOTE 3 from:
Lucas, C. (1997d) 'Our Concept Laid Bare' Available from: Accessed on 27/2/05

The most fascinating creature on the planet is of course Homo Sapiens, the thinking man. Being self-centered we naturally assume that the destiny and being of our species is paramount, but since ancient Greek times have classified the 'higher' faculties of man as the most important. On this view only the 'rational' intellect is included, so most of philosophy over the last two thousand years has restricted itself to purely rational debate, divorced and detached from the supposedly 'sordid and base' aspects of our actual emotions and actions. Despite this vast theoretical effort, little seems to have been achieved. The variety of conflicting viewpoints has resulted in effective stagnation, a division only into opposing philosophical 'camps'. This can, perhaps, largely be put down to the reliance upon Aristotelian Logic, where all issues must be right or wrong, there can be no middle ground (The Law of the Excluded Middle).

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