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Lucas, C. (2004d) Breaking our Mental Chains, [online]. Available from:; accessed on 7/3/05

By showing these concepts in symbolic form we emphasise that not all knowledge is linguistic, other modalities can often better convey complex ideas and multi-level concepts. Our attachment to text is a cultural manifestation of our own social and academic life, and needs to be augmented with these other viewpoints and approaches if we are to effectively explore the diversity that is possible in complex systems and in our own lives.

Teaching by words, a serial mode of communication, is almost a definition of our educational systems. This concentration on linguistic knowledge however ignores several forms of intelligence only now becoming recognised as of equal importance to our behaviour. Emotional and Body (sensual and kinaesthetic) intelligences complement our Intellectual skills, and form an essentially parallel or multi-dimensional communication system, interfacing on many levels to the world around us and actively defining our values. In contrast our language is a highly one-dimensional serial mode which leaves out far more valid knowledge than it ever conveys. Words deceive us on many levels, even assuming the best intentions !

In complex systems many internal communication paths are active at any one time, so if we are to understand such systems we need to become aware of the full extent and effects of these interactions. Studying humanity as a complex system requires us to take into account the interplay (or feedback <systems.htm>) between these intellectual, emotional and bodily sub-systems and to understand how these all coevolve and balance in the complex environmental context <../kirshbm/reaction.htm> in which we exist.


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