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Klein, J. Thompson . (2004) 'Interdisciplinarity and Complexity: An evolving relationship'. Emergence: Complexity and Organization Special Double Issue 6 (1&2) [online]. Available from:; accessed on 23/04/05

An added lesson is that new forms of knowledge, institutional structure, and problem solving require a new dialogue of science and humanities. How can aesthetics help the searcher who wants the best solution?
Judgements made on moral grounds frequently lead to unsatisfactory results, which compound the problem. What is needed are solutions which are the best for everybody, all round - the elegant solution. The science of aesthetics is the science of providing elegant solutions. ...

...Our definition of aesthetics corresponds to that given by Henri Laborit: "the search for new structures". "Aesthetics (must be)... understood as a search for structures, that is to say the set of relations existing between the elements of the whole of our knowledge... the search for, discovery and the use of relations makes action efficient" (Laborit, 1968: [Biologie et Structure. Gallimard, Paris.]13). If we discard the old description of aesthetics as trhe standards of accepted established beauty and replace it with Henri Loaborit's definition we have a truly creative tool rather than a cosmetic one. If we can learn to search for new structures as a natural part of our ability to perceive the information that is available to us, it can provide us with a tool for working in conditions where there is a lack of clarity and only too much ambiguity.

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