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McKenzie, C. and James, K. (2004) 'Aesthetics as an aid to understanding complex systems and decision judgement in operating complex systems' Emergence: Complexity and Organization, Special Double Issue 6 (1&2), p32-39 [online]. Available from:; accessed on 23/04/05.

The origen of the word art lies in the old latin root 'ars' which is linked to the making of form.Art is found in anything to which humans have given form, hence we can, and do, talk of the art of managing, the art of public speaking, the art of horsemanship. Meaning in all cases that the activity brings about a certain form which has attributes of 'fit', elegance, balance, efficiency, and economy of energy....

The feature which distinguishes aesthetic consciousness is imagination, found most evidently in art. Imagination is the common factor in all the subjective aspects of art and the factor that reconciles diverse subjective aspects with the invariable laws of beauty: balance, harmony, symmetry, and rhythms. Composition is the sum total of all these properties whose purpose is to organize the physical elements which make up a coherent pattern.

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