hypertext dissertation - by Robyn Stuart


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Bernstein, M. (2003) 'Type and Hypertext'. Eastgate Systems Inc. Available from:; accessed on 12/11/04.


type and hypertext by Bernstein, M.
We see what we read in two ways. We see the writing -- the ink on paper or the luminous pixels on the screen. We see, too, what the writing describes: perhaps the plan of a business yet unlaunched, or the life of a character who exists only in our imagination. Writing makes us see what is not yet real, what we cannot directly experience.
The interplay between what we see and what we are led to see is often rich and complicated. Looking at type makes our attention oscillate: we see shapes on the page and at the same time we envision the ideas these shapes represent. This oscillation is especially prominent, at present, for hypertext (and for Web design) because hypertext is new and unusual. Few of us have seen a great deal of hypertext, so the surface of the hypertext is not yet as familiar as the appearance of our daily newspaper or favorite magazine. On paper, designers must make an effort to call attention to the page as artifact; for hypertext, the screen still calls attention to itself. This will change in time, but that time is still to come.
Print is manufactured at a factory...

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