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Stevenson (?) A Case for Physical Theatre' [online]. Available from:; accessed on 5/03/05

A Case for Physical Theatre
By Darren Stevenson

'Physical Theatre' has become a catchall phrase that incorporates many movement based theatre forms, with incredibly diverse companies adopting the term to describe themselves. If we define 'dance' as 'a body moving through space' this word would appropriately define our art. However, the narrow concept of what dance is yields a limited and misleading image for us. How then, do you describe an art form with no name? This question plagues all of us who fall outside of 'traditional theatre'....

This idea of producing gestures that integrate complex thoughts is the foundation for physical theatre. Not to explain words through movement, but to illuminate the audience by expressing what words cannot....

Rather than forcing these theatre forms to share the same stage space, as in a variety show, we attempt to create a true synergy between them in which the whole is greater than, and different from, the sum of the parts. This creates a problem. In articulating what our art form is, we tend to use comparisons

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