As Onstage Digital Magic alKamie create digital scenery for others. We love the stage and believe that the sort of fantastic digital scenes now common in cinema can bring an extra dimension to live events, be they theatre, dance, performance art, music or commercial events. Unlike video, our digital scenery is generated and controlled in real-time so that it works with the performance onstage to create a live immersive effect. For over 15 years, we have pioneered specialist skills, techniques and technology, to allow our onstage digital magic to continuously develop as an exciting commercial product. We can create scenery to your specifications or we can collaborate with you to realise your vision from concept right through to production.



Our digital scenery is projected on or around a stage to immerse performers within literal, abstract or dream-like virtual-worlds. Some example scenes include expansive landscapes, surreal worlds, grandiose architecture, running water, animated creatures, rippling seas and pyrotechnics. The scenery can also be animated to give the audience the sense that they are moving through a world inhabited by the live performers

Digital scenery gives you flexibility. Designs can be easily tweaked at almost any time to accommodate creative changes or when touring different sized venues. It transports easily and little storage is necessary. Our technology has been proven over countless hours of performance and rehearsal in numerous venues.

So whatever your project, talk to us today about how we can help you bring your creative ideas to the stage to give your audience that magical experience.

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alKamie are members of Chisenhale Dance Space.
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