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Annalie Nederberg regarding collaborating on 'Seeress' 2014 and as colleagues on Kirill Burlov's Green (2011)

I have worked with alKamie in two projects and would be happy to work on a third and a fourth and a fifth... Both Brian and Robyn are utterly creative, generous and professional. They have a shedload of experience in all sorts of performing arts contexts which they are happy to share and they always help out with whatever is necessary, far beyond what is expected of them: in our latest collaboration they helped not only with live video scenography, but also with movement training, directing, lighting, props and moral support in the difficult parts of the process. Nothing is ever a problem and their positive attitudes makes every collaboration with them a pure joy. 



Rhizomes Lecture Demonstration at DeMontford University (Feb 06)

The following testimonials are taken from questionaires that audiences have filled out anonomously.

"I felt like there was more to watch at one time than any other performance I have seen"

"Interesting, new, exciting. I feel like I'm able to really let the imagination go... Really was excited about the interaction between scene & dancer. I would like to see more!!"

"Never seen other [work] like this before, great idea, great experience"

"Fresh new idea, entertaining, experimental"

"It's different from what I've seen before"

"Different. Physically motivating + psychologically - an exchange between the two. ... The idea of a virtual film, feelings of paranoia + theatrical characters"

"Very engaging on a perception of Space and Reality"

"More visually stimulating. Different new ideas"

"It is something that I have never experienced before but it has changed my views about the conventional aspects of dance on stage. "

"Appeals to a wider audience as it's not 'just' about dance or 'just' film / multi-media"

"I was constantly absorbed, at times really didn't know where to look... very interesting to see the relationship between image and dancer"

"It was a strange but interesting experience. I sometimes felt disorientated"

Performance of Rhizomes at University of Chichester (June 05)

"Pretty different: The visuals are very influential at creating / changing mood"

"new innovative"

"When the movement and visual matched, [this] was a fascinating experience, "

"Enjoyed it - interesting concept. Became very interested in the relationship between the dancers and images"

"The experience was kinaesthetic"

Performance of Rhizomes at Wimbledon School of Art and St Marks Church Hall (June 05)

"I thought it was really inspiring. More than others I've seen. To be honest I was very taken in. Very much liked lot [of the] performance, but the colourful scenes were great... very glad I came along. I enjoyed the relationships between the performers. Touch, just visual communications from each other etc. Thankyou"

"It was far & away the most compelling dance routine I have seen in ages. Most of the time the dancers blended into the music and the images, reflecting the sights & sounds. It was a pleasure to watch, a feast for the visual & aural senses"

"Very interesting & challenging topic, very 'leading edge'! Some magical moments and a great visual / aural experience! Amazing idea, excellent work... and lots to think about afterwards!"

"The combination of the three art forms [dance, visual imagery & music] heightened awareness & increased my reaction to performance"

"Something like watching a surreal film, not just dance. .. I found the performance completely absorbing. The dancers surreal, very fluid & natural. The graphics, dance, & music fused together seemlessly

"Felt more involving, as though I was being drawn into the action"... I had never seen this combination of dance and moving image before and found it very effective"

"A totally new experience which incorporated many senses"

"Different, atmospheric, contrast of moods, fast moving"

"The changing moving backgrounds were involving"

"Very exploratory, a new experience"

"Engaging, interesting, original imagery"

"It had a very different (atmosphere) more surreal.. It was very new and different, almost vrtual..."

"[I enjoyed it ] Because it was a new experience & I know how much work had gone into it. And it was great to watch."

"Felt it was hypnotic, I was drawn into it"

"Very different, very intense"

"The added dimension of dancing images was disorientating at first - I had to find a way as a spectator to watch Rhizomes. Got drawn mostly into the powerful images in the beginning, then as the dancers started playing with the light I got interested in the movement. Then, after a bit of letting the piece as a whole flow through me, my brain kicked in and started looking for connections between the images and the dance (and the music). There were some striking ones: when the moving tree branches danced over the dancers' moving bodies - somehow that was electrifying, It transformed the (individual) movement of image and dancers into a completely new 'thing' of its own. Or when the dancer touched the purple ball that looked like the centre of a flower or a strange exotic fruit, and the fruit started growing and growing, teased and coaxed and pulled by the dancer, until it completely cocooned the dancer - magical!"

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