Virtual Reality Theatre
what is it

alKamie’s Virtual Reality Theatre coalesces the alive tangibility of real performers with 3D animation technology to create a hallucinogenic theatre through which onstage characters and audiences tumble alike. (watch a showreel)

alKamie’s Virtual Reality Theatre uses front projection over an entire white stage space to immerse live performers in the virtual space of computer models. Imagine performers onstage inhabiting the world of a computer game. They appear to move within the world and you can follow their actions in the same way a viewer of a film follows the actions of the character.

Despite the scope of Virtual Reality Theatre the basic theatrical setup remains simple and alKamie have developed speciallised software that allows us to fluidly create the animation alongside the performance.

The fast scene cutting and disjointed narrative that we are used to in cinema becomes possible onstage.

Developed over years of research alKamie uses their Virtual Reality Theatre to twist the seeming reality onstage into sublime visual metaphors. In an age where our essential physical existence is increasingly imposed upon by the virtual, alKamie playfully empties the complexities of contemporary life into their dream-like cinematic theatre.

During our research we referred to the environments we created which subsequently became the contituents of Virtual Reality Theatre as Real-time Animated Virtual environments or RAVEs.

alKamie's vision

alKamie are members of Chisenhale Dance Space.
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