software written by alKamie to control their Virtual Reality Theatre

a:Live is based on an ontological paradigm and is capable of defining classes of choreographic objects and the web of relationships between them that define virtual choreographies. a:Live is used in conjunction with our Practice As Research In Performance (PARIP) process, to research the mechanism used to create the virtual choreographies by attempting to answer the question posed in 'A Duet of Cyborg and Dancer: Creative Autogenesis: "Can technology intelligently aid the creative process?" As such a:Live is used to expand on the theoretical process of autogenesis.

a:Live original departure point was to emulate Spider with many additions and modifications that either were not or could not be implemented but had been suggested through using Spider in the previous performance laboratories.

a:Live is written in Visual C++ and uses a commercial game engine to render the real-time image. This allows it to create photo-realistic environments, including shadowing and atmospheric effects such as fog, that only a few years ago would require pre-rendering.

Version 1.0 was completed around August 2011. Version 2.0 was completed Feb 2014 adding full support for physics simulation and extended the interface to allow all numeric parameters to be linked. Numerous other structural improvements were made.

Updated Sep 2014

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