(No) Living Room
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Entertaining and thought provoking, ideal for conferences and green events (No) Living Room draws together theatre, dance, cutting edge technology and some of the best thinking on the planet to show that saving it can be profitable.

Running time: 30 minutes
Get-in time: 2 hours
Change-over time: 20 minutes
Showreels: 3 min taster
full show with full voice-overs
full show with reduced voice-overs
Venue Spec:

Stage space min 5m deep x 6m wide PA & good blackout

alKamie supplies all lighting, stage set, floor, cyc, screens, projector, computer (see below)


In a surreal performance using cutting edge technology (No) Living Room challenges our culture’s tendency to dwell on tragedy. With voice-overs including journalist Bill McKibben (‘Deep Economy’), economist Amory Lovins (“Natural Capitalism”), author Jeremy Rifkin (“Empathic Civilisation”), architect William McDonough (“Cradle to Cradle design”) and activist Annie Leonard (‘The Story of Stuff’). Lovins concludes “….from all of this it is clear that saving the climate can be done at profit” while McDonough comments “The question isn’t growth/no growth the question is ‘What do we want to grow?’”

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(No) Living Room is presented in alKamie's Virtual Reality Theatre. Using digitally created front projection over a white stage in a traditional end on theatre seating arrangment the performer appears to move within the projected computer models.

Two versions of the show are available for booking one with full narrative voice overs and another with reduced voice overs. We can also present an after show presentation detailing the research material.

3 min taster
full show with full voice-overs
full show with reduced voice-overs

Technical overview

(No) Living Room is very easy to stage. We require reasonable blackout, PA feeds, fixings for our cyclorama and mains power. All other elements of the show we carry. Projector can be tripod mounted although we prefer to rig it for security and safety. Because of this simplicity get-in time, required to set everything up is around 2 hours, change over time, requred to reset the stage from a previous act or presentation, 20 minutes.

the stage setup

the performance system

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Company history

The directors Robyn Stuart and Brian Curson both have multidisciplinary training, including dance, art, science, and technology. They use this to create an alchemical fusion of live performer, animated projection, music, and lights, all framed in a narrative with a sound but challenging scientific base.

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