Concept, Direction and Choreography by Kiril Burlov
Performed by Edward Watson (Royal Ballet principle dancer)

Premiered 12th Febuary 2011 - The Place, London, UK

Digital Scenery created by alKamie

Digital Scenery animated in real time during performance and rehearsals by Brian Curson

Music by Annelie Nederberg

Costume by Aigana Sadyk

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Video of Green

Review by Keith Watson (last accessed on 5/10/2011:

The great and the good of the dance world were out in force at Resolution! on Saturday, drawn like moths to a flame by a solo performed by Royal Ballet star Edward Watson, choreographed by Kirill Burlov. But this was no classical exercise: Green, as much art installation as dance, turned out to be a sinuously organic experience, a dance which was drawn from the ecological soul of the planet. ...

Watson emerged, liquid and muscular, as if from a primordial swamp....

The intent was evident: Burlov was melding the human body into the natural world, Watson rippling out extreme back stretches as behind and below him enlarged film images wrapped around his limbs. The movement, minimal and intense, dug deep into our collective muscle memory as Watson disappeared into a verdant cosmos. As a take on our essential being and nothingness, Green was quietly haunting.

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