"Creating with Virtual Scenery"
three day workshop for universities and colleges

This 3-day workshop allows students to devise a ‘work-in-progress’ performance, with a focus on process rather than product. Students are facilitated in devising a theme along with several artistic questions, which will help them to combine their physical performance/choreography with the virtual space. These questions might include:
  • The degree to which the relationship between the physical performers and the depicted virtual world is abstract or literal.
  • How can the virtual space be ‘played’ as if it were a ‘disembodied’ character?
  • What is the effect when physical performers are costumed such that their bodies disappear?
  • How sound or music might tie together the choreography of the performers and the choreography of the virtual space.

We will discuss and show how the attributes of different models affect the creative possibilities in performance. Then students will be given a range of 3D models to choose from and with these models the students will explore merging the movement of the virtual space with physical improvisation scores and different soundscapes. The students will be encouraged to look for what resonates with the theme they have chosen, practically addresses their artistic research questions, and has artistic potential for further exploration with an aesthetic that personally appeals to them.

On the third day the students play with how they might combine the created scenes by exploring the order of the scenes, the effect of different types of spatial transitions of the virtual space between the scenes and the inter-cutting potential. At the end of the course the students perform their ‘work’ and discuss what they have learnt about creating artistic works with digital scenery.

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