"Devising Performances with Virtual Scenery"
five day workshop for universities and colleges

This 5-day workshop provides students with an in-depth experience of creating their own performance using a ‘virtual reality theatre’. Students get to play with the complex dialogue that ensues between model design, a soundscape and the choreography of both the virtual scenery and the live performers. There is a strong focus on how to mould their material through an open creative process into a product. Prior to the workshop, it is preferable that students have selected a theme and gathered images, for inspiration, and props and costumes that they might want to play with and emailed us their ideas.
The areas of exploration in this workshop include:
  • Framing the virtual space with the physical composition.
  • How to create a sense of unified movement between the virtual and the physical.
  • How different models engender different artistic possibilities.
  • Exploring realistic, abstract, surreal or fantastic relationships between the virtual and the physical.
  • The narrative and/or metaphors created by the visual union of virtual and physical.
  • How the soundscape can create a relationship between the virtual and physical movement.
  • Allowing coincidence and accident to be seen as a creative opportunity.

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