Technical Requirements for Workshops
what we need to have from you

Because of the unusual technical nature of alKamie’s work we carry all the equipment we need with us, including, white floor, white screens, white cyc, our projector (3000 ANSI lumens), floor lighting, computer and cabling. This leaves the workshop venue to supply the basics.

  • Stage Area Dimensions – minimum 6m wide x 5m deep.
  • Overall Theatre / Studio dimension – 6m wide x 10m deep.
  • White cyclorama - or- white back wall of stage area - or- suitable rigging for our cyclorama (can be lighting bar, tab track or fixing batten.
  • Mains power - 230V (Europe standard) located less than 20m from the stage.
  • Blackout.
  • Set-Up time - 2 hours minimum for initial set-up. For consecutive days it depends on secure storage.
  • Lighting Rig - The projector can be tripod mounted but rigged from a lighting bar 10-12m from the cyc is preferable.
  • Sound system - within 20m of the front of the stage with XLR, RCA (phono) or ¼” jack inputs.
  • On site technician.

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