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We believe that what we create is an expression of how we created it. It is the process of creation that informs the form of the created.

alKamie has been researching combining live onstage performance within virtual spaces since 2000. Our original and ongoing aim was to immerse live dance within a virtual environment which would allow surreal narratives to be told. Performance would become a live cinematic experience... a new media emerges. (watch)

We regard ourselves not only as performers and directors but through our performances, active researchers into this new medium of Real-time Animated Virtual Environments (RAVEs). Our research extends from developing new creative expression onstage to technological development to theoretical analysis and presentation of artistic creations.

In seeking to present an audience with a whole submersive experience, we feel it is essential to approach our work as a whole, creating and developing each of the various strands: choreographic, technical, sound and narrative together. To do this we have developed novel techniques that allow us to co-create the physical and virtual elements together in a performance laboratory.

The research section of this site contains hundreds of pages of information compiled throughout our years of work drawn together using a mind mapping program, see map

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alKamie are members of Chisenhale Dance Space.
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