Robyn Stuart
director - choreographer

After completing a dance degree focusing on choreography, Robyn specialised in creating contemporary performance art that was designed and moulded to particular environments. All of her pieces incorporate bizarre props and costumes, such as a large woollen cocoon and spider's web. Her fascination with the bizarre both in visual imagery and movement allows her to create surreal fantastic moving theatre. As part of alKamie she extends this ability using digital art capturing strangely beautiful images onstage.

Robyn has created more than eight professional pieces. Most of these were shown in Sydney, Australia. She performs and creates with improvisation as well as tightly crafted movement. She has worked as a performer doing both solo and group pieces in her own choreography as well as for seven Sydney choreographers, with UK-based Ground Effect, and improvised with Indonesian performers in London and Indonesia.

Robyn grew up acting in commercials, small dramas and doing radio work. Prior to becoming a professional movement artist, Robyn obtained a first class honours degree in Science in 1981, and a commonwealth PhD complete a PhD studying the behaviour of Kangaroos in the Australian bush. Subsequently, she then worked as a Research Fellow for Professor Peter Jarman and joined Kafui West African Dance & Music Ensemble. She co-authored two papers and gave scientific advice for the award winning film �Faces in the Mob�. She worked as a research assistant for Jarman through a BA(Dance).

After graduating she worked as an independent dance artist, danced with Viola Da Gamba Dance, in the Adelaide and Sydney Fringe Festivals, and taught Pilates. She set-up her own Pilates gym with a partner in Sydney in 1996. In 1997 she spent a month in Solo, Indonesia improvising with a range of international dancers, including Suprapto Suryadama. She moved to London in late 1997 to dance with Ground Effect Physical Theatre company in London and Europe. In 2000 Robyn set up alKamie, an Intermedia Theatre company with Brian Curson . While with alKamie she returned to academic studies in 2003 to complete an MA (collaborative Arts) Dance, and since then has co-written various academic papers on al�Ka-mie�s practice as research art-work. In 2010 she performed successfully at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe in alKamie�s (No) Living Room


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'The Garden Up Path' - 1993
'My Current State' - 1999
'Falling from the Horses Mouth' - 1995
'Equinox' - 1994
'Falling from the Horses Mouth' - 1995
'The Garden Up Path' - 1993

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