Brian Curson

In an unusually broad career that spans direction, choreography and performance to lighting and graphic design and computer programming Brian's experience and skills uniquely place him to create the virtual theatre of alKamie. His many collaborations with other artists and technicians reflect his central belief: that all aspects of a performance should work together to create a united whole.

Brian originally came from a background in computers and electrical engineering. In 1987 he started training in martial arts after which he worked with many types of free expressive and improvised forms of dance before starting formal training that culminated at the Rambert School. He has directed and performed in his own work here and abroad and with dance and physical theatre companies. He teaches T'ai Chi, Yoga, Pilates and dance.

In collaboration with numerous other artists he has created pantomime, performance art, outside ritual theatre and improvised dance pieces. He has created lighting designs for a number of visual theatre and physical theatre companies including Bouge-de-La and Twitch and Jerk

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Brian with Dancing Shape I in composite - 1999 'Breath' - 1998 'Stone and Porcelain' - 1997 Installation for 'Dancing Shapes' - 1999 'The Beaver's Dream' - 1998 'Dancing Shapes' - 1999

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