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Seeress a collaboration with kinesthetic sound artist Annalie Nederberg. Performed in Gothenburg, Stockholm and Gavle, Sweden.


a:Live version 2.0 completed incorporating many improvements including physics simulation allowing objects to have physical properties.


Event Horizon, a showcase of what alKamie can do for the Event's Industry. Premier 22nd Nov 2012 Chisenhale Dance Space, London.


Design of 'Virtual Carnival Float' for Mandinga Arts for the 2012 Thames Festival .


a:Live version 1.0 completed. Photo realistic scenes and intellegent avatars are but a few of the possibilities open to us controlled by a powerful graphical interface.


Created choreography for design company, '3Fish in a Tree' working with employees of major London based company..

Feb-11 Created and digital scenery for Rambert Dancer Kirill Burlov's 'Green', performed by Edward Watson of the Royal Ballet. 'Green' was performed for Resolutions 2011 at the Robin Howard Theatre, The Place, London, UK.
Aug-10 Showing (No) Living Room at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, 6th-30th August, The Zoo, The Pleasance.
May-10 Performance of (No) Living Room at ScenePool, New Diorama, London, 30th May.
Nov-09 Workshop in Virtual Reality Theatre at The Space , Isle of Dogs, London, UK. Organised by Theatre of Inspiration
Jul-09 Living Room at Arcola Theatre as part of Create 09
Feb-09 Chisenhale Dance Space and alKamie form in-kind support partnership
Nov-08 Chisenhale Dance Space 25th birthday, London; performance of reworked Living Room
Sep-07 (Re)Actor2, Leeds Metropolitan University; presentation of paper 'A Duet of Cyborg and Dancer: Creative Autogenesis' - B Curson & R Stuart 2007
Aug-07 IIAS07, Baden-Baden; presentation of paper 'A Duet of Cyborg and Dancer: Creative Autogenesis' - B Curson & R Stuart 2007, and performance of Living Room.
Sep-06 Start development of a:Live
Sep-06 (re)Actor, Queen Mary College, London; presentation of paper 'Exploring Living Room - Using Complexity Theory to discuss dance set in 3D digital scenography' - R Stuart & B Curson 2006, voted best paper by delegates.
Sep-06 DRHA06, Dartington Hall, Devon, UK; presentation of paper 'Exploring Living Room - Using Complexity Theory to discuss dance set in 3D digital scenography' - R Stuart & B Curson 2006 and performance of Living Room
Feb-06 School of Intermedia Performing Arts (SIPA), Doncaster University, UK; lecture demonstration and performance of Living Room
Feb-06 Transit Station, Ocean Terminal, Edinburgh, UK; live art event with performance of Living Room
Dec-05 Start development of a:Live to replace spider with a fast graphical application.
Aug-05 St Claud Arts Festival, St Claud, Charante, France; performance of Short Stories
Jun-05 Wimbledon School of Art, Merton Hall Road, Wimbledon, UK; lecture demonstation and performance of Rhizomes
Jun-05 Teddington, Middx, UK; informal showing of Rhizomes
Jun-05 University College Chichester (now University of Chichester), Bishop Otter Campus, Chichester, UK; final showing of research MA Rhizomes
Feb-05 De Montford University, Lecture demonstrations and work in progress performance of Rhizomes
Jan-05 Rhizomes, Start of final research section of MA in collaborative arts.
Jan-05 Start development of Spider
Jun-04 Flux, University College Chichester, Created as part of collaborative arts workshop, part of research MA.
Sep-03 PreFlux, University College Chichester, start of initial research section of MA.
May-03 Start development of Video Overlay System
Sep-02 Rondo Theatre , Larkhill, Bath, UK, performance of NT_001454 and Rivan
May-02 Leap into Dance 2002; Queen Charlotte Hall, RACC, Richmond, UK; performance of Rivan
Jun-01 Northern Exposure, The Bull Arts Centre, Barnet, UK; performance of NT_001454
Jun-01 The Virtual/Real Interface Project (VRIP); research project at Chisenhale Dance Space
Mar-01 Leap into Dance 2001; Studio Theatre, RACC, Richmond, UK; performance of NT_001454
Jan-01 Resolution! 2001; Bloomsbury Theatre, London UK; premier of NT_001454

Robyn Stuart and Brian Curson form alKamie with a Vision

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