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2014 Currently we are back in our French Studios, planning for potential Masters research, a workshop at the University of Surrey next January with Annalie, and developing some of our current creative ideas.
2014 We are in early discussions regarding creating digital scenery for a theatrical piece Michelle Frost is writing.

We collaborated with Annalie Nederberg (digital composer) in realising her solo 'Seeress', which toured Sweden earlier this year. Not only did we create the digital scenery and animated it in real-time during rehearsals and performances, but we acted as foils for her brain-storming of ideas and gave choreographic and directorial advice. The piece involved Nederberg's bespoke created musical instrument which captures and manipulates feedback sound generated by the physical movements from a live musician, in order to perform live improvised music. Both music and digital scenery were performed to improvised scores. The piece itself concerned giving Norse mythology of the Volva a contemporary twist. This piece will be performed in the UK in 2015.


Much of this year was spent on further developing our software's capabilities


2012 A:Live our computer program that choreographs digital scenery in real-time has been linked successfully to 'C4' Computer Games Engine. A whole new digital scenery look is now available to us, of the calibre of contemporary computer graphics. The system is very flexible and able to be choreographed in a manner similar to how live dance is choreographed.


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