Brian Curson
independent creative history

99 ‘Dancing Shapes’ - Immenstadt, South Germany

choreographer and dancer, in three sections: white, red and blue. wearing different coloured classes the audience experience the effect of watchng the performance in different colours. Performed in a gallery twice a day for a week.

98 ‘The Beaver's Dream’ - Sonthofen, South Germany

director and dancer, 30 minute children’s pantomime featuring a beautiful bird, a not so nice fox, a fun rabbit and a beaver that really, really wants to dance.


movement artist, moving to the sound of the sculptor's own breath yet between and around the sculptures in a light red bag the performer becomes a breathing moving sculpture. Venues included: shop windows, galleries and cafes in South. Germany and Berlin

97 ‘Stone and Porcelain’ - Sonthofen, South Germany

choreogher and performer. 'Stone and Porcelain' was set outside and depicted the clash between female and male, nature and machine.

96 ‘Who’s the Roo’ choreographing and dancing in video for German band.
  ‘Menshennester' dancer in dance/sculpture performance piece set outside at night, 20 mins, S Germany
  ‘Living Memories’ dancer, improvised 15 minute solo to modern classical composition

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