Robyn Stuart
independent choreography and direction


‘My Current State’

a solo for Chisenhale Dance Space Project curated by Rachel Gomme, London involved an installation of sheets, umbrellas and window dressing in studio 2.


‘All Limitations’

a solo piece for Sydney Fringe event: Outer Space involved strobe and torches on darkened stage, plus props of wicker baskets and standing ash tray.

‘Intimate Journey’ improvised performance for video shown at Sharing Time festival, Dartmoor, 97.
96 ‘Who is Joan of Arc anyway?’ co-created with Viola de Gamba members and shown at Adelaide and Sydney Fringe Festivals: a comic look at female emancipation


‘Falling from the Horses Mouth’

a solo for Dance Collection ‘95 at Performance Space, Sydney performed in a small proscenium stage within a stage, a window view of human descent
‘The Horses Mouth’ Part I in Hyde Park, Sydney. Involved a large woolen web in a tree.
‘The Horses Mouth’ Part 2 In The Australian Museum, Sydney on a large ornate tiered stair case; bizarre dreams



co-created with Melinda George, commissioned by The Royal Botanic Gardens Sydney, for Spring Festival. Also performed at: BMW New Car & Showroom Launch, Pyrmont/Ultimo Festival, Penrith Festival Australian Stone Henge created by sculptor with dance of druids creating a spring bird

‘The Garden Up Path’

for Mt. Annan Botanic Gardens and Everglades Gardens in the Blue Mountains, Sydney a bizarre fairy tale which took the audience on a journey through each garden



‘Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle’
‘Permanently Borrowed’*
‘Wombat in the Garden’*
‘Tergiversate’ *

all choreographed for dance department performances, University of Western Sydney

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