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In creating their extraordinary RAVE theatre alKamie have worked with a number of highly talented collaborators:

Stan Wijnans
Stan Wijnans, ChoreoSonic interactive performance producer, MAX/MSP programmer and academic researcher (MA, PhD). She has 20 years international experience as an artist/producer, musician/composer and lecturer. Go to:

Didi Hopkins
Didi teaches, directs, coaces and consults, and maintains a necessary balance between the worlds of theatre and business.

In theatre her roots are in the tradition of commedia dell'Arte. SheI worked with Richard Bean on his National Theatre hit play, One Man Two Guvnors and the National Theatre have made 5 short films with her available on YouTube and as a downloadable collection from iTunes about commedia.

Skirting The Boards offers 1:1 or small group coaching for executive women who want to flex, adapt and change their style to suit different audiences. Skirting The Boards uses theatre techniques from the toolkit of actor and director to unlock potential around presence, resilience and gravitas.Skirting the Boards gives you the time and space to turn up the dial and step into the confident, bold, influential and articulate leaders and communicators you can be, Centre Stage.

Got to:

Kirill Burlov
Dancer, and choreographer Kirill graduated from Riga Ballet School in 1996 and the Latvian National Academy as a choreographer in 2004. He dances for Rambert Dance Company. He choreographed, directed and devised 'Green', the piece he asked alKamie to create and control in real-time the digital scenery.

Todd Wilson
artistic director and a freelance scriptwriter and former teacher in multimedia Todd's help during the years has been invaluable.

Janis Claxton
Dancer, teacher, improviser & choreographer. She acts as agent provocateur. She has more than 20 years of experience teaching, performing, directing & choreographing internationally.

Emma Grace
professional dance filmmaker and director of ‘Too Too Physical Film Theatre’ provides advice on visual imagery and editing and technical support.

Keiran Foley
multimedia specialist and creative thinking guru Keiran has inspired us throughout our early work.

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