In VRIP we used the basic stage setup and Director's�conventional ability to combine visual virtual-objects (stills, animations, videos) to create the projection in real-time. Prior to the research week we asked the participants to create some visual ideas. Components of these visual ideas were created as virtual 'props' that could then be used creatively during the project. This could be a picture of a table set against a landscape with animated skies.

This project developed our compositional skills allowing us to juxtapose bizarre virtual 'props' with the performers onstage. The virtual 'props' could be queued at any time and moved in real time by a technician. This gave great freedom to the performers allowing them to improvise within the projection.

Most of the virtual elements for VRIP were created in 3D modelling software which imparted a surreal feel to them. Bizarre visual juxtapositions created during the research added to this surreal theme.

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