Technology in Performance
or - yes, computers really do get stage fright!

It's easy when sitting at your computer at home to marvel at the the myriad of uses that the same machine may be put to in performance-related technology. However some thoughts need to be imparted about this.

Mission critical systems

In computing, computers who's malfunctioning could mean a loss of profit, or even life, (i.e. you really don't want them to go down on you} are known as mission critical systems. These range from computers running transport systems to computers in the medical profession to military hardware. Two motos from our experience with computing in performance are "If it can break, it will break.." and "backup backup and backup".

Risk assessment

The problem here is that most domestic computer hardware is designed to be as cheap as possible, to be set-up or re-set-up occasionally and transported with care. Contrast this to the environment of a touring theatre, where hardware is pulled apart, often hurriedly and probably a little roughly, thrown into the back of the van driven to the next location, while being left overnight in a cold parking lot allowing condensation to form on the electronics to then being hurriedly assembled and then expected to work faultlessly.

From experience: Some things that often go wrong and what we do to avoid them

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