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Intrinsic to our research process is robust critical analyses of our work, which we present and publish internationally. This page shows papers, reports and articles documenting in depth evaluation of our work.

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'A Duet of Cyborg and Dancer: Creative Autogenesis' - B Curson & R Stuart 2007 (446KB)

Dance is a profoundly human activity, which makes it a particularly powerful tool in reflecting upon the human condition. This paper examines the complex evolution of a cyborg, comprising a dancer and technology in an environment of real-time animated virtual scenography. Through a creative process of software evolution the cyborg as a whole evolved structures and behaviours which can be seen as similar to the mind, thoughts and perhaps consciousness of a human dancer. Through this evolutionary process the cyborg system appeared to develop an ability to self-organise creating novel choreographic combinations persistently expanding into the adjacent possible as per Kaufmann (2000). This process is called here autogenesis. This paper describes this process of autogenesis in the framework of fitness analysis, autocatalysis and Complexity Theory. This process of autocatalysis is used to reflect on the nature of creativity generally as a process involving both form and freedom, underlining the importance of improvisation. The cyborg can be seen as a greater statement of the human condition: working with its environment, understanding its environment and evolving with its environment. The technology becomes a mirror in which a likeness of ourselves is rendered clearer.

Presented at IIAS 2007 (Baden-Baden, Germany) and (Re)Actor 2007 (Leeds, UK)


'Exploring Living Room: The dancing body and live immersion in digital scenography' - R Stuart & B Curson 2006 (624KB)

Living Room, is a performance that metaphorically and practically explores: what it means to live or be ‘immersed’ in a digital world. Through this work, and others, we have been researching the interplay of live dance and 3D scenographic real-time animated virtual-environments (RAVEs). These RAVEs are projected over an entire white stage-space, and use an off-stage dancer to control their movement. This paper uses Complexity Theory and Deleuzian perspectives to reflect upon our work. We discuss how both Living Room and our developmental process can be considered ‘complex systems’, from which we believe new properties are ‘emerging’. Using our work as an analogy, we conclude that use of digital media in contemporary life may not necessarily lead to a loss of sensation, becoming subsumed into the digital world, but could lead to a new intensity of sensation and emergence of new possibilities through the fusing of physicality and virtuality.

Presented at DRHA (Dartington) 2006 and (Re)Actor 2006 (best paper award) Queen Mary College, London Published in International Journal of Performance Arts and Digital Media - 2.3, February 2007


Essays written as part of MA research at University of Chichester:

'Towards An Understanding of 3D Virtual Environment Software Development and the Choreographic Process' - B Curson 2004 (328KB)

'Compositional Techniques for Live Dance in ‘Moving’ Digital Scenography: presence, sensation and the time-image' - R Stuart 2004b (239KB)

'Compositional Techniques for Live Dance in ‘Moving’ Digital Scenography: ongoing research'
- R Stuart 2004a

'Compositional Techniques for Live Dance in ‘Moving’ Digital Scenography: an introduction'
- R Stuart 2003


Final report for Virtual/Real Interface (VRIP) research project at Chisenhale Dance Space

'The Virtual / Real Interface Project' - Chisenhale Dance Space 2001
- B Curson / R Stuart 2001

All files are in PDF format. To view and print PDF files you need the Adobe Reader software.

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